Why did they reject your job offer?

You thought you extended a job offer to the perfect person to fill the void on your team. So why did your dream candidate reject your offer? It’s likely one of these reasons:

You didn’t communicate effectively. For stellar candidates, you must follow up after the interview. Explain how impressive they were, talk about next steps, and offer them some sort of timeline for when you will decide.

The hiring process was way too long. If the candidate is as awesome as you think, other companies saw that too. Only they acted more quickly to secure the talent. You can’t expect people to hold out for you. If the person is a perfect fit, make the offer.

The job doesn’t feel like an opportunity. Candidates may not believe that they’re going to gain valuable experience or that they will have opportunities to grow and advance. Make sure that you’re talking about advancement and training opportunities, and focus on the skills they will develop as a result of the job. Sell the job.

The company culture was off-putting. People may have been cold or rude. You could have focused too much on policy or procedure. Or your mission or products and services may not align with their personal beliefs and values. In that case, it’s better to find out before you hire them that your organization wasn’t a good fit.

Tough Talks D

The offer just wasn’t good enough. Perhaps someone offered more money, better perks or a job that was simply a better fit. Sometimes it just wasn’t meant to be. Keep your search going.

— Adapted from “No Thanks: Why Candidates Decline A Job Offer,” Robert Half, www.roberthalf.co.uk.