Refresh your blog content

If your ideas for blog posts are running dry, consider these options to create fresh, engaging content:

Use a Q & A format. What questions do your customers ask most often? Reach out to the sales or customer service teams for ideas, or do a bit of research online to find out what people are asking in various forums, about your industry or products. Then draft posts that answer those questions.

Write about an icon in your industry. Share information about the pioneers, innovators and influencers in your industry. You can build a post around one of their quotes, anecdotes or philosophies.

Share advice from people in the know. Collect quotes, best practices or tips from experts and thought leaders in your industry. Or gather insight from people within your own organization, including front-line employees.

Create a tutorial. Develop an in-depth guide that walks readers step-by-step through a process or tells them how to improve in a specific area. Such pieces tend to require more research and writing, but if they solve a problem for a reader, they are highly popular. Even better if you also make it something they can download and save for later.

MGR Handbook D

Promote your organization’s wins. If something big just happened, such as the launch of a new project, a new partnership with a well-known organization, or the completion of a successful conference, share the news.

— Adapted from “12 Blog Post Ideas to Help Your Content Kick A$$ and Take Names,” Brian Appleton, Business 2 Community,