4 Gmail extensions you must try

If you are a user of Gmail, try these extensions, which are optional, user-installed upgrades, to improve your electronic communication:

Ensure follow-up happens. With Boomerang, receive an alert if a recipient hasn’t replied to an email in a certain amount of time.

Create a to-do list easily and quickly. Todoist allows you to convert your emails into tasks, which you can then aggregate and check off as you complete items.

Proof emails before you send them. Ginger checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation and overall sentence structure, so you avoid sending out emails with embarrassing typos.

Schedule and track emails. Draft emails ahead of time and schedule them to send at later dates, or send yourself reminders to connect with contacts. The extension also lets you determine if and when recipients read your emails.

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— Adapted from “10 Gmail Extensions That Can Boost Your Productivity,” Jayson DeMers, NBC News, www.nbcnews.com.