The HR I.Q. Test: April ’18

1. The Department of Labor this year loosened federal restrictions to make it easier for employers to offer:

a. Health insurance to part-timers

b. Unpaid internships

c. Work permits to teens

2. A decade ago, the average HR staff-to-employee ratio at U.S. organizations was 1.0 HR employees per 100 workers served. What is the average ratio today?

MGR Handbook D

a. 0.8

b. 1.0

c. 1.4

3. Amazon and Wells Fargo this year are just the latest companies to stop asking job candidates about their:

a. Salary demands

b. Salary histories

c. Educational backgrounds

4. What frequency of performance reviews do HR professionals say provide the most accurate appraisal of an employee’s performance?

a. Annually

b. Semiannual

c. Quarterly or more often

5. Apple’s new corporate headquarters in California made news last month because of what kind of injuries occurring:

a. ‘Tech neck’ strains from staring at phones too long

b. Injuries from walking into the many glass walls

c. Early arthritis from too many app-taps

6. When it comes to celebrating employees’ life events (birthdays, etc.) at work, what percentage of organizations actively help:

a. 60%

b. 43%

c. 77%

Sources: 1. U.S. Department of Labor 2. Bloomberg BNA study 3. The New York Times 4. SHRM survey 5. The Washington Post 6. SHRM recognition survey

Answers: 1. b 2. c 3. b 4. c 5. b 6. a