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Motivation razzle-dazzle: What could go wrong?

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Q. My efforts to motivate people are not doing so great, and I have a feeling what would work better is a bit of showy exuberance, or a fiery display of some kind to break the calm around here. How can something like this backfire?

A. You know when a football player stages a dance in the end zone, or a coach gets red in the face as he tries to whip players into a frenzy? I think that kind of action lingers in the mind for about eight seconds, and then loses whatever steam it briefly possessed. Crazy displays tend to ignore the quieter reality that employees have to live and work in as soon as they leave the room. I like to play the long game through steady calm and confidence. Leaders exude their presence 24/7, not in isolated, slightly crazed outbursts. 

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