Calling a time-out on the real March Madness

March Madness—the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament—begins March 13. Expect some of your employees to be distracted at work.

Working professionals surveyed for a recent OfficeTeam poll said they spend an average of 25.5 minutes per day on sports-related activities in the office during the college basketball playoffs. With the tournament spread across 15 workdays, that’s the equivalent of six hours per employee.

How do office workers spend that time or otherwise celebrate March Madness, according to the poll?

Depending on your perspective, it’s either a lot of camaraderie and team-building, or a colossal waste of time.

March Madness

Not mentioned in the OfficeTeam poll: Time specifically devoted to gambling on the tournament.

Difficult People D

According to the Challenger, Gray & Christmas outplacement firm, lost productivity attributed to workplace wagering on March Madness may exceed $2 billion. That’s the cost of time spent analyzing team match-ups, making tournament bracket picks and tracking game results on television and online.