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How to really ask a question

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Good leadership doesn’t mean that as a leader you should do all the talking. In fact, some of the best leaders do more listening than talking. Mark Deterding, writing at Lead Change Group, shares how you should practice listening to be a better leader.

Ask open-ended questions. Questions such as “How did that work out?” can have many different answers.

Use questions with a yes-or-no answer to get a precise response. After you get a yes or no, use open-ended questions to expand the topic.

Avoid “why” questions. “Why” questions can make people defensive, so try to rephrase them without the why.

Wait for the other person’s silence before thinking of your next question. Spend the time actually listening to them.

Be comfortable with silence to allow everyone time to think. Avoid the urge to fill every period of silence with words.

— Adapted from “Increase Your Influence—Stop Talking!” Mark Deterding, Lead Change Group.

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