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Don’t be so quick to say ‘sorry’

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in Admins,Office Management

Don’t jump to apologize for everything you do, especially in the workplace. There is such a thing as apologizing too much, says The Prospect founder Lily Herman, who explains how to break the habit.

Understand a mistake’s severity. Not everything you do wrong requires a full-fledged apology. “Whoops” will suffice for small missteps.

Know when an apology is not the correct response. Someone who brings a typo to your attention or helps you clean up the coffee you spilled should expect a “thank you,” not a “sorry.”

Recognize when you’ve done nothing wrong. For example, walking through a door and not holding it for the person behind you who you didn’t notice doesn’t warrant an apology because you didn’t do anything wrong.

— Adapted from “What to Say Instead of ‘Sorry’,” Lily Herman, The Muse.

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