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3 ways to just plain worry less

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Worrying can be exhausting after a while, so it’s important to learn how to manage it. Workplace writer Jessica Stillman offers these tips to help you:

1. Make a list. Write down exactly what you’re worrying about, and then take the time to think about whether those fears are realistic or not. This gives you a chance to ignore fears that aren’t rational and helps you address those you’re capable of tackling.

2. Keep a journal. Writing your fearful feelings down can help get them out of your head. It also can help your brain find solutions or look at problems in a way you haven’t considered before.

3. Mind your mind’s habits. Knowing your thinking patterns can help you manage your worrying more effectively by heading it off at the pass or incorporating positive thinking.

— Adapted from “3 Techniques for Worrying Less,” Jessica Stillman, Inc.

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