Avoid these negotiation tactics

To come out on top in negotiations, don’t resort to bad behavior to win. Avoid the following:

Ignoring the other person’s interests. Obviously, you want to ensure your own interests are covered. While the other side can’t always walk away as happy as you with the outcome, you do want them to be satisfied. Consider their needs and wants, and they are less likely to be defensive, which improves your chances of reaching a mutually beneficial resolution.

Lying. If you are caught bluffing, you will lose the other person’s trust and respect—and destroy chances of future negotiations. Be direct and honest about what you want.

Disrespecting people. Being insulting, questioning the other side’s intelligence or decision-making abilities, interrupting them and other rude behaviors have no place in negotiations. You want to ensure the other person walks away feeling respected and heard, so listen more than you talk, and work hard to come to terms you both accept.

— Adapted from “How to Win Every Negotiation (by Not Trying to Win),” Joel Peterson, www.linkedin.com/pulse.

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