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Delegating? Avoid 3 gaffes

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Avoid these critical mistakes when you delegate work to team members:

Assuming people fully understand your instructions. You may think you were crystal clear and employees may even nod and say “OK.” That doesn’t mean they totally grasp what it is you are instructing them to do. They may be too busy or embarrassed to ask you to elaborate.

Ask them a few questions to confirm they fully understand the assignment (e.g., What role will you play specifically? What will you do to ensure the best results? When will you send it to me?). Clear up any misunderstandings then and there.

Micromanaging. If you are monitoring them too much, you are wasting time you could spend on other tasks—while stressing out your employees. If you have trained your employees well and offered solid instructions, you don’t need to track their every move.

Assigning work and forgetting all about it. You must check in with employees periodically to ensure that they are progressing, that issues haven’t popped up that will derail their success, and that they are on target to meet deadlines.

— Adapted from “Fumbling the Ball: Four Common Mistakes Made When Delegating,” Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, https://theproductivitypro.com.

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