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Address a suck-up’s behavior

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

When an employee goes out of his or her way to please you, resist the urge to respond in a positive way. Other employees often resent the team suck-up, and if they see you rewarding the behavior, they will grow to resent you too. Follow this advice:

Spread the love to others. When the suck-up flatters you, say “I’d like you to share that positive feedback with your co-workers today.” The suck-up will realize the praise is misplaced on you and stop—or do what you ask and praise co-workers. A win-win.

Praise the rest of the team. When the suck-up lavishes you with compliments, direct it to other teammates. For example, “John deserves the credit on this one.” Even better if the team is present. You recognize other employees while showing the suck-up that you aren’t interested in empty praise.

Don’t let suck-ups volunteer for everything. They are quick to take on every assignment to impress you. Instead of asking for volunteers, ask specific people to tackle tasks for which they are suited.

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