3 fail-proof networking tips

LinkedIn has made networking easier, but it’s also made networking less personal. Stand out from the crowd by trying one of these networking tips:

Shoot contacts a video. Record a short 30-second video using your phone to offer a bit of advice, tell contacts what you’ve been up to, share resources, follow up with something that’s important to them, or simply check in. Just make sure you personalize videos for each person, rather than sending a generic message to everyone.

Attend smaller events. Aim for intimate events that allow you to personally interact with other people and build real connections. Or at large events, invite a small group of attendees with whom you’d like to connect out for drinks or coffee.

Send a small gift. If you want to work with someone, don’t send a canned email. Instead, send a small, thoughtful—not flashy or expensive—gift specifically for the person.

— Adapted from “3 Better Ways to Network in 2018,” Allen Gannett, FastCompany, www.fastcompany.com.

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