DOL issues penalties for 2018

The Department of Labor has announced the 2018 inflation adjustments to penalties for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the FMLA and ERISA:

FLSA: For repeated or willful failure of the FLSA’s requirement to pay minimum wages or overtime: $1,964 per offense (was $1,925)

FMLA: For willfully failing to post notices: $169 per offense (was $166)

ERISA: For failing to file Form 5500: $2,140 per day (was $2,097); for willfully failing to provide employees with a Summary of Health Benefits Coverage: $1,128 per failure (was $1,105); for failing to provide employees with summary plan descriptions: $152 per request, up to $1,527 (was $149 – $1,496). (83 F.R. 7, 1-2-18)