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9 steps to negotiating any workplace conflict

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

Ran in HRS Weekly -- Sept. 18, 2007 -- and ran on home page that week

Conflict happens in all corners of the workplace. But if issues aren't settled, bad things can happen: Good people quit, morale can plummet and, sometimes, violence can erupt.

But you don't need to become a certified mediator to settle disputes. You just need to understand some basics about human behavior, practice the fine art of paying attention and offer yourself as a neutral party who wants to resolve the problem.

Whether you're a manager or not, you're forced into the situation of having to negotiate conflicts between co-workers, customers and even friends and family. Here are nine insights and tricks of the trade, according to a new book, Improvisational Negotiation, by Jeffrey Krivis:

1. Let people tell their story. When people are deeply upset about something, they need to get their story out. This is a basic principle of mediation and one that's...(register to read more)

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