Good records get lawsuits dismissed fast

Employers that have well-documented business reasons for every discharge typically win lawsuits that allege discrimination. Good records force employees to prove that an allegedly legitimate reason for firing was a pretext for covering up discrimination.

Recent case: Andrelino was the dining director at the University of Minnesota – Duluth for two years until the university chose not to renew his contract. He sued, alleging age discrimination.

But the court quickly dismissed the case after the university documented three reasons for Andrelino’s discharge. It claimed he refused to follow his supervisor’s directives, had a strained relationship with union employees and was a poor manage­r. The university provided spe­­cific examples. Andrelino’s suit was dismissed after he offered nothing to counter the stated business reasons why his contract wasn’t renewed. (Cardoso v. Board of Regents, DC MN, 2018)