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Keep track of projects: 2 tips

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

How do you keep track of what your people are doing?

Here are a couple of tips to stay on top of projects employees are working on:

Maintain a log. A written record is helpful when you need to know what someone is working on and they’re not available to ask.

This log should include a brief description of each project, the dates it was assigned and is due, the supervisor who assigned the job (if other than you), and a priority ranking, so you can tell which tasks are paramount.

Add to this log all updates, any changes that were made, as well as notes or comments, and the date that they were made.

These files are also handy when it comes time for performance reviews.

Hold regular status meetings. At least weekly—or daily if you’re working with someone whose job is to be your assistant—you should compare to-do lists with your team members.

It’s important not only that you stay informed on their projects and progress, but that they know what your needs and priorities may be.

It’s much easier for you to delegate tasks if you know, at any given moment, where those jobs can possibly fit into your people’s schedules.

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