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Lower those hidden work expenses

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Personal Finance Expert Liz Weston shares her favorite tips for saving money when you’re making money:

We often buy on impulse when clothes shopping. But it’s better to avoid trendy items and invest in a few, high-quality essentials, such as shirts, pants and skirts in versatile colors, which can be worn in heavy rotation.

Many people snack out of stress or boredom, but that expense can quickly add up at work. Instead, bring snacks to work so you don’t spend money at the vending machine. Don’t avoid afterhours networking events, but do consider ordering smaller portions or sipping nonalcoholic drinks.

It’s great to bond with co-workers by supporting their worthy causes, but in large offices, someone’s always having a baby shower or awareness event. If you feel it’s gotten out of hand, consider raising the issue with your HR department or boss.

— Adapted from “Is Your Career Bleeding You Dry?,” Jada A. Graves, US News.

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