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Should you disclose personal info?

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There aren’t many personal situations that you’re legally required to reveal to your employer, says employment attorney Nigel Telman. Still, say experts, it’s usually a good idea to disclose personal situations that could affect your attendance or performance on the job.

You can’t be fired for being pregnant or getting sick, so you can disclose these situations without fear, says Telman. In most places, though, you can be fired for any nonillegal

reason, so you may want to be careful about revealing personal problems such as financial difficulties and dating drama.

And be very careful about posting personal business on social media if you aren’t going to also disclose them at work. People have a way of finding out everything … and when they do, boy, do they ever talk about it.

— Adapted from “YOUR MONEY—Dear boss, I’m pregnant, bankrupt, divorcing,” Geoff Williams, Reuters.

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