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When flights are missed, canceled or delayed

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Admins who book travel for others may also find themselves in the position of having to save the day when something goes wrong with the boss’ travel plans. If someone travels enough, eventually they’re going to face delayed or canceled flights. If you ever have to get your boss to an important destination in the face of missed flights, Heather Wilde, writing at Inc., offers these tips.

Know the rules of the particular airline. Airlines have contracts of carriage that outline passenger rights in case of delays or cancellations. Sometimes there will even be varying definitions of what a cancel or delay actually is! Often you can request a rebooking on another carrier if the contract terms allow.

Figure out another route. The network of flights is a complex web with lots of possibilities. If there’s another airport or different flight that will get your boss where he or she needs to go, rework the itinerary. Check different airlines flying out of your particular airport. Use apps like TripIt Pro to stay in real-time with information about a flight.

Call the airline. It’s much faster than waiting in line at the airport to talk to a swamped desk agent. If you already have a new itinerary in mind, they’ll likely be happy to accommodate you.

Be polite. Dealing with canceled or missed flights is frustrating, and those people on the other end of the line are probably being yelled at repeatedly. A little patience with them can pay off.

Look for compensation if your boss is stuck at the airport overnight. Some airlines and credit cards will pay for hotels or offer flight vouchers if the delay is the airline’s fault.

— Adapted from “The 1 Airline Rule You Must Know to Keep You From Getting Stranded,” Heather Wilde, Inc.

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