How to get others to notice your ideas

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve had a great idea but no one seemed willing to get on board, it might be because of how you presented it. Karin Hurt offers these reasons why your ideas may be overlooked:

You’re not investing enough energy into it. If you do the initial legwork others might be more willing to support it. Explain how you’ve gotten started and how you can continue to help.

Your ideas require work for everyone else and not for you. Few people want to take on something that requires them to do all the work, no matter how great the idea is.

You’re too wishy-washy. Don’t use phrases like “I’m sorry …” or “This is probably a dumb idea … .”

You haven’t built strong enough relationships in the office. Start by helping others implement their ideas to build trust with your colleagues.

— Adapted from “5 Surprising Reasons Your Ideas Aren’t Being Heard,” Karin Hurt, Let’s Grow Leaders.