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Sit in a more healthy position

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Research shows that sitting at a desk all day is bad for us, and sitting hunched over, cross-legged or twisted up is even worse. If you have to sit for a living, there’s a way to do it that will help your body make the best of it. Here’s how to sit properly.

Your feet should be planted with your hips equal to or slightly higher than your knees. Crossing your legs puts strain on your spine, and tall chairs that allow your legs to swing can cause lower back pain.

Sit with your butt all the way back in your chair to provide support for your back and spine. Don’t hunch forward or tilt far back in your chair.

Keep your head level with what you’re looking at. Staring down at your computer puts pressure on your spine and ligaments. Situate yourself so you’re not looking down, up or sideways to work.

— Adapted from “This is why you’re sitting all wrong,” Monica Torres, theladders.com.

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