How to take no-guilt vacation time

VacationNearly half of Americans don’t use their allotted vacation time each year, and the main reason given is nervousness or guilt over taking time off. Paid time off is part of your compensation, and vacation is necessary to rest and recharge. If you’re nervous about taking time off from your job, Caroline Ceniza-Levine, writing at Forbes, offers these suggestions.

Block out time in your calendar far in advance. Even if you don’t have travel plans, blocking out the time will give you and everyone else ample opportunity to plan for your absence.

Make a list of common questions that you receive. Outline your typical responsibilities, along with common questions and requests you receive.

Plan with colleagues who also want to take time off. Coordinate your schedules and plan to help cover for each other.

Be clear about whether and how much you will work while on vacation. Set clear boundaries with your boss and co-workers about whether you’ll be available, and when.

— Adapted from “Too Guilty For Time Off? Five Ways To Deal With Vacation Shaming,” Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Forbes.