‘Passion for the job? Why?’

How many times have you heard the advice, “Bring passion to your job!” Sure, that’s easy for people who are doing what they always dreamed of, but admin work is rarely that—and no one’s getting rich off it either. So how do you generate a fire in the belly for work that can feel so rote? Keep these tips in mind:

There is no easier choice. The fact is, you have to go to work. So, since you’re obligated to report for duty, it only makes sense that you throw yourself into it completely to maximize your experience there. That’s how close associates are made, promotions are won and doors open in your future. It’s how you naturally start looking forward to whatever comes next. Passion is simply the pragmatic choice.

Enthusiasm makes the day go faster. On deadline days or busy times when you have a lot to occupy you, the hands of the clock seem to spin frantically, leaving you wondering how it all went so fast. On days when you have no enthusiasm and no reason to put the pedal to the metal, the afternoon slogs on and on and on. Get busy and the arrival of 5 o’clock will come startlingly fast, and you’ll likely walk out the door energized as well.

A passion for anything makes you more attractive. People seek out and respond to strength and optimism. They want to befriend and be close to those who are always aggressively seeking happiness and contentment. When we slink into work every day with an “I hate Mondays!” attitude, we lose esteem in the eyes of others. Those who find you nerdy because you plunge into your job aren’t the kind of people you want around you for very long—the virus of negativity is likely strong in them.