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The ‘outliers’: How to manage and get the most out of contractor employees

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in Hiring,Human Resources

Now that some of the largest companies have transitioned up to 50% of their workforce to contract employees, according to the Wall Street Journal, managers are faced with a unique challenge.

Despite the fact that a manager may hire the contractor and approve his or her final invoice, it’s not a relationship that involves ongoing coaching or evaluation from a manager.

Likewise, though many members of the team may interact with the contractor, he or she isn’t a fixed part of the internal culture.

Though project-based relationships can be a win-win for contractors who want flexibility and employers who need temporary or occasional access to top talent without the cost of a full-time employee, it’s a relationship that requires managers to reach a sensitive balance: How to develop a respectful and lasting relationship with contractors, without overstepping the boundaries of the arrangement or being perceived as a microma...(register to read more)

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