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Influence when you aren’t the boss

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in Career Management,Centerpiece,Workplace Communication

Influencing You don’t need a title or boatloads of authority to influence people. Here’s how to lead others and influence them to get things done, even if you aren’t the boss.

Treat people fairly. That means being respectful of everyone and seeing the value everyone brings to the table. It also means helping and supporting all your co-workers. If you value only the people up the ladder, you will have little influence over people on your same level or just below you.

Lose the agenda. You may be working toward a promotion. You may want to impress your boss. You may have big ambitions, but if you step on people on your way to the top, you will lose their respect and have zero chance of influencing them. Be honest and keep other people’s interests in mind.

Include everyone. Listen to and consider everyone’s ideas and input, not just people with more authority or expertise than you have. If you want to influence people, you need to make them feel heard. Lose the biases and don’t label people.

Avoid the drama. If you gossip, people won’t trust you. If you chronically whine, people will stop listening to you. If you are constantly involved in one conflict or the other, people will avoid you. Stay focused on the work, be solution-oriented, and keep an optimistic attitude.

Communicate effectively. You influence people, not by telling them what to feel, think or do, but by making them see the value in following your lead. Have a dialogue, asking them questions and gaining their feedback. Focus on benefits and be honest about how your ideas will affect them.

Be consistent. The key to building trust is to do what you say you will. Meet your deadlines, show up on time, follow through and produce high-quality work. Co-workers will learn to rely on you and trust your judgment.

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