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$1 million to Rochester, Minn. cop who spoke her mind online

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Citing rules against discussing personnel matters, Rochester, Minn. city officials are remaining silent concerning a $1 million payout to a 25-year veteran of the city’s police force who was disciplined after making controversial online comments about current events.

The dispute dates from 2016, when the Rochester officer made a Facebook post in response to police shootings of black citizens elsewhere. Her message: “None of this is going to change AT ALL until white cops finally say it needs to change.”

The city alleged the post showed that the Rocheseter officer was biased against white, male police officers.

She responded in a written statement that she did not want “to disparage white male police officers,” but rather “address the need for reform regarding when police officers are allowed to use deadly force against subjects.” She went on to say that white, male police officers were referenced only “because they make up approximately 60 percent of all police officers in the country.”

When dogs attacked protestors at the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016, she wrote, “Why isn’t this all over the news? History shows, sometimes laws have to be challenged and broken for the good of the masses.”

The Rochester Police Department claimed that statement incited people to break the law.

The officer said she broke no rules and was only asserting her First Amendment rights

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