Woebegone, Keillor says he was fired without investigation

Former “Prairie Home Companion” host Garrison Keillor alleges his firing from Minnesota Public Radio was completed without a proper investigation of sexual harassment allegations made against him.

Keillor’s attorney has stated the firing was because of one person’s allegation.

Jon McTaggart, CEO of MPR parent company American Public Media Group, reportedly told employees that Keillor’s dismissal came after two people formerly associated with the beloved radio show claimed Keillor engaged in “multiple incidents of inappropriate behavior.” Only one of the people reporting claimed the behavior was directed at her.

Keillor has maintained he was terminated for putting his hand on a woman’s bare back as he was trying to console her.

In a statement, Keillor said, “I expect to deal with MPR soon to try to fix the enormous mistake they have made by not conducting a full and fair investigation.”

Note: While it is important for employers to move quickly on sexual harassment allegations, it is equally important to conduct a thorough and fair investigation. Any discrepancies in public statements will give plaintiffs’ attorneys ammunition in court.