The HR I.Q. Test: February ’18

1. In 2018, the per-violation penalty for failing to post an FMLA notice in the workplace was raised to___?

a. $169

b. $349

c. $445

2. Which level of workers most often say they’re stressed at their jobs?

Tough Talks D

a. Entry-level/administrative

b. Professional/technical

c. Senior management

3. What percentage of sexual misconduct at the workplace gets reported to HR?

a. 46%

b. 16%

c. 26%

4. Which age group of employees experiences the highest rate of on-the-job fatal accidents?

a. 16-24

b. 34-45

c. 55 and up

5. In which state do the highest percentage of people say they’re happy at work (and the lowest)?

a. Highest: Hawaii; Lowest: Washington, D.C.

b. Highest: Maine; Lowest: Ohio

c. Highest: California; Lowest: Alaska

6. In which jobs do the highest percentage of people say they’re happy (and the lowest)?

a. Highest: Neurosurgeon; Lowest: Telemarketer

b. Highest: Comedian; Lowest: Janitor

c. Highest: Video game producer; Lowest: Stock clerk

Sources: 1. U.S. Department of Labor 2. CareerBuilder survey 3. Challenger, Gray & Christmas study 4. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 5. Sokanu survey 6. Sokanu survey

Answers: 1. a 2. a 3. c 4. c 5. a 6. c