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When the trust is gone

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Q. I’ve lost trust in one of my employees. He’s acted in ways that make me think he’s unreliable and possibly a liar. But he’s technically very good at his job and I’d prefer not to lose him. Is it possible to have someone on your team who’s proficient at his work, but untrustworthy? I mean, everyone lies sometimes, right?

A. Sure. You can doubt his every utterance as far as I’m concerned. The real question is whether he can do real damage to you or to others. I’ve learned that if someone lacks integrity—if you cannot trust him—you’re inviting trouble. Ask yourself three questions: Can I leave him alone and know that he won’t do anything questionable? Can he represent our organization proudly to outsiders? If he gives me his word, is that sufficient? If you cannot answer with a confident yes to all three, rethink keeping him around.

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