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Lift newcomers to higher level

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

It’s not enough to hire stars. Once they’re aboard, you must create the right environment to maximize their performance.

Your actions and behavior will largely determine whether they thrive in your workplace. If they trust you and sense they can grow personally and professionally, they’re more apt to become A players. Take these steps to give newcomers a running start:

Follow through. When you say you’ll do something—even if it’s minor—deliver on your promise. Fulfilling your stated commitments shows that you keep your word. Better yet, you send a message that just as you’re willing to be held accountable, you expect others to follow through as well.

Focus on solving, not blaming. Respond to problems by adopting a learning posture. Seek to discover what happened, why it happened and what steps will lead to solutions.

Don’t try to assign blame. Sometimes, bad stuff happens and it’s nobody’s fault or a systemic failure. Dwelling on “who screwed up” will make new hires more fearful and less eager to take bold risks and offer ideas.

Provide a safe outlet. Arrange for new employees to meet regularly with a mentor who is not their supervisor. Encourage the pair to discuss cultural issues and bat around success strategies.

Mentors should not evaluate a mentee’s performance. Instead, they need to listen and offer counsel to help the newcomer adjust to his or her surroundings and get along with colleagues.

— Adapted from “5 Effective Management Tips from Our Leadership Team,” Priscilla Jeng, Power Digital Marketing.

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