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1-Minute Strategies: February ’18

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

After you’ve selected a candidate to fill an open job, chances are there’s a runner-up who would have also been a fantastic hire. Do not contact the runner-up first to break the rejection news. Make sure your first choice is still interested in the job. If not—and that can happen—you still have a great candidate to add to the team, without having to make an embarrassing second call.

The downside of an oversimplified PowerPoint. About seven years ago, military leaders in the Pentagon and in the Middle East developed concern over a new obstacle: PowerPoint. As reported in The New York Times, top brass worried that the program had a tendency to oversimplify complex issues—a real danger when it comes to the business of national defense. Is PowerPoint’s “cram bullet points into a small box” mentality causing you to fall into the same trap?

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