Are you on the right track at work?

Sometimes it isn’t clear to us how exactly we’re doing at work. Things may seem to be going well, and your boss offers the occasional compliment or feedback, but you might be uncertain whether you’re on the right path to a promotion or raise. Some ways to know you’re doing your job well:

You make your boss’ job easier. You’re on the right track if you can identify exactly how you help your boss on a daily basis.

You help colleagues and other departments. You’re willing to help out when you can, and you feel good doing it.

Colleagues ask to work with you and compliment your skills. People want to work with those who can deliver, so it’s a good sign if you’re one of them.

You meet or exceed all of your performance goals and expectations. If it’s a no-brainer for you to exceed all your goals, ask for more challenging projects.

You’re always learning something new. Learning is a sign that you’re growing in your position.

Your boss and the company leaders know about your success. You share your successes and achievements with the company’s leadership.

You’re invited to share ideas and take part in important projects. It shows that your boss has faith in your abilities if you’re often asked for your opinion.

You’re always adding to your list of accomplishments. You track your success and own your achievements.

— Adapted from “11 Career Coaches on 11 Different Ways to Figure Out if You’re Doing Well at Work,” Stacey Lastoe, The Muse.