Welcome to 2018! Chart your career course

I am honored that I have been asked by Business Management Daily to write a monthly column for administrative professionals. I would like to give you a little background so you can see why administrative professionals are near and dear to my heart and what we can provide you with each month.

I am the founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International. We are the global leader in the development and presentation of sophisticated training programs and information for administrative professionals worldwide. I started Office Dynamics in 1990, after working in the administrative profession for 20 years and have over 47 years’ experience in this industry. I look forward to providing you with proven strategies, tips and techniques.

This is the perfect time to chart your career. I hope you gave some thought to 2018 at the end of 2017, but I know we all get busy with the holidays. I would like you to commit yourself to set at least one professional and one personal goal you would like to achieve this year.

1. Your goal needs to be specific and detailed. For example, if you want to move ahead in your profession, exactly what does that look like to you? Does it mean you want to stay in the same organization? Do you want to work for a director of VP or senior VP? What department appeals to you? Or if your goal is to build a strategic partnership with your executive, what does that look like? Does that mean that you will be their right-hand person? And if so, how will you make that happen?

2. Set a deadline date. You can’t just hope it will happen. When it comes to goals, you need a deadline date. For example you might say, “By June 1, 2018, I will achieve an administrative designation.” The reason you set a date is so you have a target and don’t just drift along. Your subconscious will then work to help you reach your target date.

3. Craft your plan. How will you get there? It’s like planning a trip where you would drive from the East Coast of the US to the West Coast. Plan your route. Make a list with specific actions you will take with target dates. This will become your road map.

4. Monitor your progress. Keep your map in front of you often. You can look at it weekly or bi-weekly but make sure you review it and mark your progress. This will keep you on track. Should you get off track (because life happens), don’t give up. Just adjust your target dates.

Warning: Don’t be surprised when you run into barriers or obstacles. They are just a test of your commitment to achieving your goal. Work around them. Use your creativity and people resources to adjust your route.

I wish you great success in 2018 and look forward to providing you robust information.