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Ironing out thorny situations

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When multiple people are working on the same project, it’s possible toes will be stepped on. Some advice for resolving the conflict:

Avoid anger and seek a win-win resolution. Realize that you all want what’s best for the team, and seek creative ways to share the glory.

Bring attention to the common goal. You’re both trying to achieve the same thing, even if you’re fighting for the same position. Focusing on the big picture will help you keep yourself out of personal attacks and pettiness.

Identify whose job it really is. It’s possible one of you is supposed to be doing the task or leading the project. Ask your boss for clarification about which role is yours.

Meet with your rival to lay out responsibilities. You can split the duties and clarify who is in charge of what.

— Adapted from “How to Navigate a Turf War at Work,” Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review.

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