She’s all about management and growth

Executive assistants are always project managers, with their ultimate project being the executives they assist, says Hallie Warner, executive assistant and chief of staff to Adam Hergenrother of Adam Hergenrother Cos. in South Burlington, Vermont.

Warner says the most rewarding part of the job is working for a dynamic business leader, helping him build multiple companies, including real estate, construction management and leadership and business coaching. She also runs a blog, “Lead and Assist,” which helps assistants build their careers.

Before joining her current company, Warner was assistant to a principal at a public high school. She says that position taught her basic organizational and administrative skills as well as the responsibilities of assisting an executive. Her new position allows her to take on a variety of new projects that weren’t possible at a public school.

“Working with a CEO, particularly a serial entrepreneur, was game-changing for me,” she says. “I became a strategic partner in the business and was not only working on tasks but projects that were transformational for the companies.”

Warner says she enjoys helping drive the company forward, and being involved in projects like hosting training sessions, recruiting talent and pitching her boss for podcasts and articles. “I am fueled by growth, so anything that we are working on to grow the company and grow the leaders within the organization is fun for me,” she says.

“The majority of my day is spent managing communication and talking with our company’s leadership teams to keep them moving forward on the projects they are working on,” she says. Her days also include recruiting, hiring, public relations and social media management.

She says the biggest challenge of her job is managing competing priorities with limited time. For example, it can be difficult to deal with shifting schedules while managing up and sideways to ensure company objectives are met. When things get stressful, she says, she tends to put her head down and push through it, which isn’t the best way to handle stress. “I have recently started working out at 5 a.m. to jump-start my day, and am purposeful about scheduling time to read and get monthly massages,” she says.