5 tools to ease your email burden

Sifting through email can eat up hours of your day, and it’s likely not productive work. It’s helpful to set guidelines for yourself on the times of day you will devote to email, but there are also technological solutions you can turn to. Jessica Stillman, writing at Inc., suggests these programs to help you manage your email.

1. Use FollowUpThen to remind yourself when to return an email. If the email requires follow-up down the road, don’t lose it among the hundreds of other starred items in your inbox. FollowUpThen allows you to program a reminder into the email.

2. Easily unsubscribe to email subscriptions with Unroll.me. It’s usually easier to delete bothersome ads in your inbox than to search for the unsubscribe button. With Unroll.me you can do it with one click.

3. Write your email anytime and schedule it to be sent during business hours with Boomerang. This tool helps you avoid re-reading an email to send a response later, and prevents you from bothering people during their off hours.

4. SaneBox detects unimportant emails and moves them to a separate folder. They may be emails you want, just not right now, so you can scroll through them when you have time.

5. Plug in commonly used text with TextExpander. This tool lets you write bits of text that you send frequently. This way you don’t have to retype information repeatedly, and you can be sure you’re including all important details.

— Adapted from “You Probably Waste 4 Hours a Day on Email. 5 Tools to Cut That in Half,” Jessica Stillman, Inc.