Make artificial intelligence pitch in

Artificial intelligence can’t replace a human in the admin’s seat, but it can make your job a lot easier.

For example, a studio manager at product design company Impossible regularly had to chase down employees to get them to submit their time sheets on time. To solve the problem, the company created a “Slackbot” that tracks employees’ hours daily and generates more accurate reports.

“This really helped Nika to reduce time spent on routine and focus on more creative responsibilities, such as resource planning, management and HR,” says Victoria Ivanova, marketing and communications manager at Impossible.

Here are some AI platforms that can free up your time for more personalized projects: This automated assistant can schedule meetings, transcribe phone calls, automatically generate documents and search your connected data. Do you need to recall some details about last year’s holiday event so you can plan this year’s? Just ask Zoom to pull it up. This AI-powered assistant, named Amy, schedules meetings for you. You just CC Amy in an email request for a meeting, and she takes over the email and schedules the meeting based on your calendar and preferences. Amy can schedule your boss’ lunch meeting, and then you can make sure he gets his favorite table. Tired of transcribing meetings? can do it for you. This program records conversations, then outlines the discussion for you and lists your next steps. If your boss wants a recap of a specific meeting topic, Clarke can provide it.

Knowmail. You could probably save hours if you didn’t have to organize an overflowing email inbox every day. Knowmail can do it for you. This program learns your habits and summarizes and prioritizes emails. You can easily see which emails can be handled with a prewritten response and which ones need a personalized answer.