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Rules for replying to email invites

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in Business Etiquette,Workplace Communication

When someone sends you an email invitation for a meeting or work social event, should you follow certain etiquette? Absolutely. Here are the rules:

RSVP as requested. If the invitation specifies a deadline, honor it. If not, respond within two to seven days.

Keep it to yourself. If your name is the only name on the invitation, don’t invite other people unless you specifically approve it with the sender.

Follow through. If you accepted the invitation, you need to show up. If you didn’t accept it, don’t show up. People plan for a specific head count and for who is going to be present (e.g., ordering lunch for a team meeting or reserving a room for an after-work function). Don’t throw things out of whack because you couldn’t commit.

Show up on time and stay for the duration. For example, if the invitation reads 12:00–1:30 and “Lunch will be served,” don’t pop in at 1:25 expecting a free lunch. Pay the coordinators respect by attending the entire meeting.

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