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4 social mistakes to avoid in 2018

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

It’s a new year, and you can’t keep applying the same old rules to your social media strategy. In fact, here are four things you need to stop doing now:

Getting in on the buzz. Topics and stories trend, but that doesn’t mean you should be talking about all of them.

Rule: If the trending topic is relevant to your brand or business, and you can add to the conversation, share. Otherwise, don’t.

Overusing hashtags. Excessive use of hashtags on Instagram and Twitter can make your posts look like spam. Even worse, you can look desperate or out of touch if you use ones that aren’t relevant to your brand or content.

Rule: Don’t use more hashtags than words.

Setting your accounts as “private.” This is totally understandable for personal accounts, where you don’t want strangers to see details of your life. For business accounts, however, you can look like you’re hiding something or that you aren’t taking social media seriously.

Rule: Make your accounts public so that prospects and potential customers can Google you and see your social media activity.

Failing to engage your audience. If you see social media as purely a promotional tool, you are missing the point. Social media is about engaging with your followers, having conversations and allowing people to interact with your brand.

Rule: Schedule time to engage with your followers each day, allowing enough time to ask questions, encourage them to share feedback and address their concerns.

— Adapted from “6 Things You Need to Stop Doing on Social Right Now,” Kaylynn Chong, Hootsuite, https://blog.hootsuite.com.

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