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4 foundations of company culture

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

You see it in business, sports and government: Almost everyone acknowledges that an organization’s culture is essential to its success. To help you see your team’s cultural value proposition in practical terms, break it down into these four practices:

1. Demarcation. This helps you sort employees according to their contributions, talents and performance. This should help you tie their particular competencies with a more vibrant, desirable culture.

2. Diagnosis. Assess the skills and capabilities of your leaders and potential leaders as objectively as possible. Include both “hard” skills and “people” skills.

3. Deployment. Here you’ll source, screen and select the best current and future leaders, making sure there’s a process for potential leaders to “bubble up” through the organization. You’ll need to fairly assess their performance, calibrate their capacity, provide the right kinds of professional development that you identify together, and figure out how to redeploy or replace any who don’t fit in.

4. Development. This includes the coaching, on-the-job development and training needed to support the new culture.

— Adapted from Cultural Transformations, John Mattone and Nick Vaidya, Wiley.

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