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Are you a good co-worker?

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Good co-workerHaving friends at work can make you a more productive, more engaged employee, which is why you should care about being a good co-worker. Alyse Kalish, writing at The Muse, shares these ways you can tell if you’re a good colleague.

People come to you for advice and help. If co-workers ask you for assistance on a regular basis, you’re on the right track. If they don’t, ask yourself if you’re too closed off or seem unwilling to help.

You offer to help others. By offering your assistance, you’re building an environment of collaboration and paving the way for others to help you when you need it. Be generous with your help when you can.

You take actions that lead others to success. You’re a good colleague if you give your co-workers a chance to participate in a way that will boost their career as well as your own. Give them a chance to shine in front of the boss along with you.

You check with their timelines before scheduling meetings and deadlines. It’s considerate and best for everyone if you check with others before setting commitments for them. When everyone gives the go-ahead, the project is more likely to succeed.

You celebrate their achievements. You should push past any jealousy and be happy when your co-workers find success. Doing so will create an environment where people work together and everyone can succeed.

You ask about their lives outside of work. A good co-worker is genuinely interested in how things are going in their colleagues’ private lives. Ask about others’ families and how their weekends went.

Your co-workers do all of the above for you. Chances are good that if your co-workers are good to you, it’s because you’re good to them.

— Adapted from “7 Questions Good Co-workers Ask Themselves Regularly,” Alyse Kalish, The Muse.

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