‘What now?’ 3 prioritization tips

Prioritization tipsWhen it comes to career goals and to-do lists, many people tend to put off the biggest and most difficult things so they can tackle the growing list of smaller items that pile up. If you’re having trouble prioritizing the big stuff in your life, Glenn Leibowitz, writing at Inc., shares three questions you should ask yourself from Brian Tracy’s book Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.

1. What are your highest-value activities? Consider the things that make the biggest contribution to your life, your work and your family. What activities will have the most impact? Once you answer this question you can begin to sort through how to prioritize them.

2. What is something that only you can do that will make a real difference? If you don’t do this one thing, no one else will. And if you do it well, it will make a difference to your life and your career.

3. What is the most valuable use of your time? Decide what’s the most valuable thing you can do right now. After it’s finished—whether it takes 10 minutes or two hours—you can move on to the next most valuable thing. The answer to this question will help you manage your time and tackle procrastination, but don’t forget to ask yourself this question over and over again.

— Adapted from “Asking These 3 Questions Every Day Will Make You Incredibly Productive (and Successful),” Glenn Leibowitz, Inc.