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Admin work in the financial industry

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LaTika Tillis says she stumbled into the financial industry by accident and found her way to a company she loves: STA Wealth Management in Houston.

“I graduated with the intent to work in social services but needed a stable job with a decent income out of college,” she says. She came across a posting for an admin job in financial services. “I began to learn a lot about investing, insurance and several other financial concepts I was able to implement in mine and my family’s life,” she says.

Now, 10 years later, she’s working for great bosses and has enjoyed gaining the trust of them and their clients, Tillis says. “Most clients know to contact me before they contact their adviser because they know the adviser would have to come to me for the answer.”

The job is a juggling act for Tillis. “The [financial services] industry is a very deadline intensive environment and every minute actually counts—not to mention everything needs to be done at the highest level of mistake-free accuracy,” she says.

She says she has a lot of autonomy for setting her own schedule, and on many days things arise that derail her initial plans for the day. She fields calls from clients and advisers with urgent requests that must be prioritized while she also prepares for meetings, schedules appointments, opens client accounts and deals with other pending projects. Most days she never knows what she might be faced with, she says.

Tillis says she tries to handle daily interruptions on the spot if possible. “For me, the worst thing is to have a long list of small tasks that need to be completed,” she says. “I would rather handle those right away than to let them build.”

One of the best parts about the job is the people she works with, Tillis says. “My bosses are great, and they appreciate what I do for them,” she says. “My co-workers are all a blast. Everyone is great and we have a very positive office environment.”

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