Technology for traveling abroad

Traveling overseas can make it more difficult to find familiar services and get around your destination compared with a U.S. business trip. If you or your boss travel frequently, there are some good travel apps and technology that are especially useful for overseas trips. Lisa Iannucci, writing at Travel Pulse, suggests these technology enhancements to make travel easier.

U.S. Mobile Passport. This is a free app from the U.S. government that lets you scan your passport before leaving home. People with the app can use shorter lines at U.S. Customs and receive a paperless receipt on their phone.

Download apps for specific resorts. When staying at a resort, use the resort’s free app to find out about events you can attend in your free time. Many locations also have free Wi-Fi, dinner menus and maps to see where you are.

Emergency personal response beacons. These devices have GPS, and when activated in developed countries, they can get emergency medical help to you quickly. If you or your boss are traveling in a remote area like the mountains, this may be a helpful device.

SatSleeve. This is a device that transforms your smartphone into a satellite phone. The call rates can be pricey, but they’re helpful in an emergency.

LastPass. This app is a password manager that lets you keep your documents and passwords on hand. This can be especially helpful in the case of a lost passport. Store your credit card numbers, bank accounts and health insurance information in case of an emergency.

— Adapted from “More Expert Travel Hacks,” Lisa Iannucci, Travel Pulse.