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The Mashup … with Michelle Peña

Reinvigorate leadership with this out-of-the-box question

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Michelle Pena

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in The Mashup … with Michelle Peña

Although the spirited year-end holidays are long gone, I’m still hearing a festive jingle … except, this time the sound is coming from my dog’s tags. Eager myself for the mental exercise of calmly planning the upcoming workday, we step out into the early-morning world.

There are no limits to where our curiosity can take us. My thoughts playfully lead way to the coffee shop gift card I’d seen the day before, designed with a “Year of the Dog” theme. The winding path ahead interestingly illuminated, I pick up the pace.

This results in more creative thinking about self-improvement and one intriguing “think-outside-of-the-box” question: How can these furry friends possibly inspire us to become more successful in the workplace? Yes, channeling their sense of smell will help lead us to any indulgent treats being shared in nearby cubicles. But all jokes aside, the answers are deeply rooted.

Dogs are heralded as ...(register to read more)

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