Guidelines for using Slack at work

Slack, a team collaboration and communication tool, is becoming increasing popular in the workplace, especially for virtual and hybrid teams. If you are using it, make sure you follow these courtesy rules so that everyone benefits from—and doesn’t resent—the technology:

Follow the golden rule. What annoys you about Slack? Ensure that you aren’t doing any of those same things to fellow teammates.

Pay attention to whom you are responding. You don’t want to send the whole team a quick (perhaps personal) message that you intended to send to one co-worker or even a friend. Before you send anything, take a moment to ensure you are in the right channel.

Don’t send a barrage of messages. People don’t want to receive dozens of one-sentence messages. Put some thought into what you are going to say, and then send one concise, well-written statement.

Avoid private direct messages during meetings. It’s distracting to other team members, so save those personal conversations for other times.

— Adapted from “How to Have Healthy Slack Relationships With Your Coworkers,” Tamim Alnuweiri, Well + Good,