The worst type of co-worker to be

Problem co-workersWhich type of people cause the most problems at work? The Huffington Post reached out to therapists from all over and found that people complain most about the following types:

Unqualified supervisors. Mostly this refers to leaders who act like they know what they are doing and work very hard to look busy. If you’re new to leadership, learn the job and become qualified, rather than acting the part.

Chronic complainers. They whine about everything. Find solutions instead of lamenting about problems, and look for opportunities in every situation.

Idea poachers. They love to spin ideas brought up by a co-worker or the team as entirely their own. Make sure you give credit where it’s due, even if you take an idea and improve it or make it workable.

Blunt communicators. They’ll send curt emails that come across as rude, make demands rather than requests, and rarely use “Please” or “Thank You.” Be polite and respectful always. It’s that simple.

Gossips. They know everything about everything, and they share it with whomever will listen. While you may feel popular because everyone comes to you for dirt, those same people feeding off your gossip likely don’t trust you.

— Adapted from “These Are the Types Of Coworkers People Complain About Most In Therapy,” Brittany Wong, Huffington Post,