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Put an end to destructive thinking

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Overthinking—or worrying about everything—tears down your confidence and hurts your productivity. Follow these tips to put an end to this detrimental behavior:

Give up on perfect. No one and nothing is ever perfect. While you want to put forth your best effort, sometimes you must stop the tweaking, editing and planning and just go with what you’ve got.

Stop obsessing over what the boss thinks. You want your boss to be happy with your work. However, if you constantly worry about whether the boss likes you or take his or her every comment as an attack on you, you will drive yourself crazy. Do your best work, be a team player and always look for ways to improve. In other words, don’t give your boss a reason not to think highly of you.

Talk to a trusted co-worker about your concerns. If you can’t stop thinking that a co-worker is out to get you or that the team thinks you aren’t doing your fair share, talk to someone you can trust. Ask if your feelings are founded. Just be prepared for honest answers, and be ready to change if necessary.

— Adapted from “5 Signs You’re Overthinking Things at Work,” Emily Moore, www.glassdoor.com.

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