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6 signs you’re a micromanager

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MicromanagingNo one wants to believe they are one, but if you exhibit these six signs, you are probably a micromanager:

You feel like you do everything yourself. For most tasks, you think no one can do them as well as you can, so you just complete them. You find yourself working nights and weekends to cover it all. Advice: This is a “you” problem, not an employee problem. If you delegate to them and train them well, you shouldn’t have to do it all.

You want to approve everything. Nothing is done unless you have given your seal of approval. So much so that you will hold up projects to ensure you’ve reviewed every detail. Not only that, but you double-check employees’ work and may even make changes without them knowing. Advice: You need to trust your people will do their jobs well. Bottom line.

You expect to be copied on every message. We understand you want to stay in the loop, but that is just way too much incoming email. Advice: Ask employees to tell you what you need to know.

You make all the decisions. As a leader, the big decisions are yours to make. However, your employees are perfectly capable of making smaller ones. Advice: Grant them the autonomy to do so.

You attend every meeting. Your presence is not needed at every meeting. Advice: Let employees meet on their own occasionally and report back to you. You will gain back so much time if you do.

You meet before and after meetings. Especially during a high-stakes meeting, for example, with a top client or upper management, you pull your team together to ensure that everyone is prepared. Then you meet afterward to talk about what went wrong. When you do that, you take the accountability off employees to prepare well. Advice: Set an agenda, assign action items and then hold employees accountable for completing them.

— Adapted from “17 Signs You’re Actually a Micromanager,” Lolly Daskal, Inc., www.inc.com.

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